Disney World excels at so many things, but creating a decent cup of coffee is not one of them. The “regular” park blend you’ll find at most restaurants, counter service locations and kiosks is barely tolerable. Thankfully, you can get your coffee fix via Starbucks in the Orlando Disney theme parks later this year.

Disney announced this week that a Starbucks location will be added to each of the California and Florida parks, making it easy to get your favorite coffee drinks on the go. Guests will be able to explore the Magic Kingdom with a Frappuccino in hand later this year.

If you are traveling to the Orlando area before the new Starbucks arrive, there are still a few places to grab a decent cup of coffee in the Disney theme parks. The best place you’ll find for now is the Writer’s Stop which offers traditional blended coffee drinks, created to order.  The Writer’s Stop is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park and offers a great selection of pastries and treats as well. Epcot offers a coffee kiosk in Future World that has a small but good selection of hot beverages, head towards Test Track when you arrive, and you can’t miss it.

Look in the deluxe resorts for more coffee options—both the Contemporary and the Polynesian offer good coffee spots to grab and go. You can also find good coffee at several of the table service locations, including Chefs de France and the California Grill.