It may seem that traveling to Disney World as a single parent would be prohibitively difficult. After all, there’s so much to do, so many activities and distractions, how can one parent possibly keep an eye on their kids? The truth is that it’s totally doable! This ABC News article, A Single Parents’ Guide to Disney, has some great tips, though we don’t agree with them all. Check out which ones we love and which ones we think could use some improvement.

Bad Tip:          Stay at a Disney resort and use the Magical Express

The advice given by ABC news is to stay at a Disney resort and use their “free” transportation from the airport to the hotel. This is not advice we agree with. First of all, it’s not free. You’ll spend hundreds more staying at a Disney property than you would staying at a nearby resort or vacation home. With the money you save, you could easily pay for a taxi or even a town car.


Second, we don’t believe that the Magical Express is the most efficient or convenient way to get to your hotel. It’s true that it runs 24 hours a day, but it also only leaves when it’s full – which can take more than a half hour during non-peak times – and it can make several stops before getting to your resort. In short, it can add more than an hour to your commute time from airport to your resort.

Good Tip:       Rent a stroller

Traveling via plane with a stroller can be a huge pain. You’ve not only got to keep an eye – and a hand – on the little one, you’ve also got to lug a stroller up stairs, into cabs, etc. The much easier option is to rent one. It’s very easy in Disney World and costs less than $15 a day if you rent for several days. You can rent one in all the Disney theme parks, water parks, and even Downtown Disney. Most places you’ll visit within the Disney parks will have tons of stroller parking, too.

Good tip:        Plan your meals and let people help you when they offer


Meals at Disney World are more than just a chance to eat: they’re a chance to take a break. Many popular table service restaurants are booked months in advance, so be sure to take a look at what’s available and make reservations when possible. Buffets can be especially daunting because it’s difficult to carry your child while you’re also carrying a plate. However, you’ll find plenty of friendly, helpful Cast Members who are more than happy to walk around with you and fill your plate. Don’t be too proud to let them help!

Doing Disney as a single parent is certainly possible. Just plan ahead, go with the flow, and remember that you’re there to embrace the magic!