Any of the theme parks in Orlando have attractions that young kids can enjoy, but some people believe that Legoland is overall the perfect park for young kids. While we think all the parks are fantastic choices for kids and adults of all ages, we’ve gathered up some of the reasons people choose LEGOLAND as the best park for young kids.

LEGOLAND was built specifically for young kids

The other parks try to spread out their interest. They’ll have some rides, shows, and attractions for young kids, some for teens, and some for adults. Of course, some attractions will interest everyone, but it’s rare that everyone will be interested in them all. On the other hand, LEGOLAND was built to specifically appeal to kids ages 2 – 12. As a result, everything there is perfect for kids.


You won’t have to deal with ride-envy

If you’ve ever taken a young one to a theme park before, then you know the struggle of having to repeat to them over and over again, “You can’t ride that one.” This can be borderline heartbreaking to have to tell your child over and over again – especially when they don’t understand why. At LEGOLAND, because it was built specifically for the little ones, you can treat them to an entire park of rides, attractions, and shops made just for them.

There are a wide range of different attractions

You may worry that because LEGOLAND is specifically set up for a certain age group, that many rides and attractions will be similar. This isn’t the case! LEGOLAND is more than 150 acres and is completely interactive. There are ten zones and more than 50 attractions including:

  • Rides
  • Shows
  • Interactive play areas
  • A factory tour that shows how Legos are made

Not to mention the many stores and restaurants within LEGOLAND.

Do your kids love planes? They’ll love LEGOLAND!


One of the most popular sections of LEGOLAND is DUPLO Village. This is the perfect spot for the young ones who love flying planes and driving cars. They can explore an entire village including DUPLO Farm, Big Red Rally, Junior Fire Academy, and Granny’s Jalopies.

Let kids be the king of the kingdom

Another popular section of LEGOLAND is LEGO Kingdoms. Here kids can take a trip to medieval times in the LEGOLAND Castle. There are numerous rides and attractions here, including the Forestmen’s Hideout, Merlin’s Challenge, Royal Joust, the Dragon, and more! Parents will appreciate the tasty burgers at Castle Burger and the chance to shop at the King’s Market.

LEGOLAND may not be the perfect park for older kids, but Lego-obsessed youngsters will surely find this park to be a total hit!