Disney Budget That Make Kids Happy

As a parent, you know that it's important to save as much money as you would like when you visit Walt Disney World, but you still want to make sure your youngsters are happy. Here are some ways to accomplish both of those goals.

Skip Meals and Share Meals

When you're visiting Walt Disney World, your days will be very busy. That means you probably won't have a lot of time for breakfast. Sure, you'll want to fuel up your kids before you hit the theme parks, but you can do that with something quick like a bowl of cereal if your hotel room has a refrigerator to keep milk, a granola bar, or a piece of fruit. That's enough to get the family going without downing a full meal, and it should be enough to ride everyone over until lunchtime. You can also share meals with your kids to save some money. Meals are pricey at Disney restaurants, but the portion sizes are typically generous. That's especially true if you dine at counter service locations. If you have younger kids, split your meal with them or have two of your children split one meal. Better yet, they'll be happy because you won't be nagging them to finish up everything on their plate while they moan and groan because they were served such big portions.

Buy Snacks Elsewhere

Kids often beg for snacks during the day, especially when they see food stands selling churros, cookies, ice cream, and other goodies. You can make sure they have healthy options and still let them have something fun by buying snacks elsewhere and bringing them with you into the parks.

Disney licenses a lot of healthy items that fit easily into a backpack or purse. These include fruit crisps, fruit snacks, graham bites, and crackers. They have colorful Disney characters on the package, which will make your kids happy, and it's cheap to stock up on them at the grocery store. You can either buy them before you head to Florida or hit one of the many stories in the Disney vicinity, including Publix grocery stores, Target, and Wal-Mart.

Shop Elsewhere For Your Souvenirs

Snacks aren't the only things you can find a lot cheaper outside of the Disney theme parks. Virtually every store in the surrounding area carries Disney souvenirs, and they're typically a lot cheaper than what you'd buy in the parks. Both Target and Wal-Mart have a huge selection, and even the grocery stores near Disney World have souvenir sections.

There are also lots of bargain souvenir shops lining Highway 192 and State Road 535. You kids might clamor for toys and trinkets inside the theme parks, but promise them that you'll have an afternoon to go shopping, and let them pick their souvenirs at one of the cheaper stores. They'll be happy to go on a shopping spree, and you'll love the fact that it's so much easier on the budget.

Take A Day Off From The Theme Parks

You don't have to buy theme park tickets for every day of your visit. Take a day off and enjoy the amenities at your hotel and the free activities over at Walt Disney World. You can stroll around Downtown Disney and let the kids play at the Lego store and romp in the fountain.

Visit Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, which has several savannahs where you can view the animals for free. Head to Fort Wilderness in the evening for a free campfire sing-a-long with Chip and Dale, followed by a Disney movie. You'll be amazed at just how much you can do at Disney without paying a dime, and your children will be happy doing some unique activities.

Another money-saving tip is to take a day and go to the beach…no, there is not a beach in Orlando, we are in the middle of the state. But, you can drive just over an hour due east and you will be in Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic. Drive due west an hour and fifteen minutes and you are at the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater Beach, FL. The cost of this trip is minimal and it breaks the monotony of too many theme parks.

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