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Quiet Places in Theme Parks for Autistic Children

The Magic Kingdom

Taking your autistic child to the Orlando theme parks is definitely doable and can be a lot of fun for everyone! You just need a plan in place. Before heading out, take note of these quiet places to take a break if the hustle and bustle, lights and music, and crowds of people become overwhelming.

city hall magic kingdom

  • Near Guest Relations at the front of the park. You’ll find a large brick-lined walkway to the side of Guest Relations. It’s near a restroom and is the perfect place to stop if someone in your party needs to use the bathroom, and there’s a water fountain nearby. As an added bonus, Guest Relations is where you can get the Disability Access Card, which can be a lifesaver for autistic children.
  • City Hall. Though there is a meet and greet in this building, which means it can be quite congested when you first enter, there are wings off each side that are out-of-the-way spot and go unnoticed by many visitors. The air conditioning can help calm and relax, and there are shops inside for other members of your family to pass the time.

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  • In Canada near the waterfall. This spot is one of the most immaculately landscaped areas in all of Epcot, yet it’s not typically busy. There are numerous benches here where you can sit down, unwind, and listen to the soothing sounds of the waterfall.
  • The Japan pavilion. Similar to the Canadian area of World Showcase, the Japan pavilion has many places to sit, soothing water, and is rarely crowded.

Animal Kingdom

  • Near Anandapur Tea Company. Look for the building with the Coca-Cola sign on it, then grab one of the tables that overlook the water. You can watch the boats go by under the shade of an umbrella, and without the crowds to other you.
  • Flame Tree BBQ. Our favorite quiet spots are great for both the kids who need to wind down and the parents who need a break. Flame Tree BBQ fits both bills. If you go during the lunch or dinner rush then you won’t find the peaceful spot you’re looking for, but before noon and between 2 and 5 you’ll find tons of benches, unique, tranquil water features, and the sounds of birds to soothe you.

Hollywood Studios

  • Near Echo Lake. Once again, a water feature provides a soothing distraction and while you may see plenty of people walking by on their way to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, you won’t deal with the loud crowds that can be uncomfortable for your child. There are also plenty of benches to sit comfortably and quietly on.
  • The Writer’s Shop. This small coffee shop is almost never busy, has a TV that runs a loop of classic Disney cartoons, and is comfortably air-conditioned.

Universal Studios

  • Picnic Pavilion. This quiet spot is located near Animal Actors on Location. There are plenty of tables and chairs, and overhead fans to help cool down. Unless a show has ended just moments before, this spot is almost always virtually empty.
  • Central Park. Designed to model the famous park in New York City, Central Park is full of grassy areas, vintage lamp posts, and lots of space to spread out and relax. It’s also a great way to sit down with a picnic lunch and kill two birds with one stone.

Islands of Adventure

  • Zax by Pass. This shortcut between Lost Continent and Seuss Landing offers a shaded, comfortable walkway that’s rarely busy and is lined with benches. Take a break and gaze out at the IOA lagoon.
  • The Watering Hole. Similar to Flame Tree BBQ above, The Watering Hole is a quick-service restaurant that’s not busy unless you go at peak times. The rest of the day it’s a quiet, relaxing spot with overhead fans and plenty of seating.

Knowing where the quiet areas are before you head out is an essential part of planning a trip to the Orlando theme parks with your autistic child.