As a grandparent, you want to spend quality time with your grandchildren when you take them on a vacation. Walt Disney World is one of the most popular destinations for extended families to enjoy together for many reasons, including the following:

Walt Disney World has rides and activities that grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together

Sure, if your grandkids are older, they might gravitate to thrill rides like the Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom that you might want to skip. But you can enjoy many rides with the kids, from the corny but comical Jungle Cruise to a savannah packed with real animals on Kilimanjaro safari to the breathtaking but gentle hang glider adventure on Soarin’.
Walt Disney was inspired to create Disneyland when he brought his daughters to the park on the weekends and watched them ride the carousel. Yes, it’s fun to watch your grandkids having a great time, but being able to join them as they maneuver Dumbo up and down or challenge you to beat their score on Toy Story Mania adds a priceless dimension to your vacation.

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Walt Disney World has countless opportunities for special memories and photographs

There’s nothing like seeing your grandson’s faces when he runs up to Mickey Mouse and gets a big hug for the very first time or hearing your granddaughter squeal with delight as she meets the princesses in Princess Fairytale Hall. Those moments are all too fleeting as the kids grow, but you can freeze them in time in your memory when you visit the Disney theme parks together.
You can also capture them on your digital camera and camcorder so you can replay those good times again and again when you get back home. Walt Disney World offers its Photopass service, which lets you take advantage of countless photo opportunities for a set price. The Disney photographers are great at capturing both formal shots and candid moments, and you get all those photos on a DVD at the end of your tip.
You’ll want to bring your own camera, too, as you never know when a special moment is going to pop up unannounced. You never know when Alice and the Mad Hatter might decide to join riders on the Mad Tea Party or when your grandkids might run into Stitch and get a chance to go skipping along with him. Have your camera ready to grab those memories at a moment’s notice.

Disney World has four theme parks, so the grandkids will never get bored

Kids love their video games and have a hard time tearing their eyes away from their smartphones as they play Angry Birds and text their friends. It takes a lot of “wow factor” to impress them, but fortunately Disney is up to the task.
Walt Disney World is actually made up of four different theme parks, each of which has a different focus. That means that there’s something to appeal to every child, from the magic and fantasy of the Magic Kingdom to the technology and global perspective at Epcot to the world of movies at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to the live animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
If you’re lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World more than once with your grandchildren, it’s a lot of fun to watch their tastes and experiences change as they grow. The toddlers who were once entranced by Mickey soon become school-aged kids who are ready to tackle more of the rides. They tentatively start thinking about the thrill rides when they hit their tween years, and they’re ready for anything once they become teens. Disney has rides and attractions for every one of those stages.