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7 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Disney World Vacation

Helpful information that helps you save money on your Disney World Vacation

A Disney World vacation is an experience of a lifetime! Finding the best ways to save money on a Disney World vacation is essential to ensuring you can experience everything you want to – without breaking the bank. Here are seven unique ways to save on your next vacation.

Save Money: Easy as A-B-C

A) There are tons of unique, delicious restaurants within the parks and it’s great to splurge once in a while, but there are a few ways you can minimize the cost. Remember that at most meals breakfast will be the least expensive meal, followed by lunch, and dinner will be the most expensive. If you’re planning to visit a character buffet, find out when the turnover is between breakfast and lunch and make your reservation 15 minutes before. You’ll pay the breakfast price but can simply wait until turnover to enjoy the lunch entrees.

B)  A bottle of water can cost as much as $5 in the park, but you can refill your water bottle or cup with water for free at any counter service restaurant. You can also buy a water bottle with a built in filter and refill it at any drinking fountain.

C) Most quick service restaurants only have combos on their menus, but if you don’t want the fries or side, ask for it without. This could save you a few bucks every time you eat.

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Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

With Orlandovacation.com One of the biggest ways you can save is to make your plans as far in advance as possible. The convenient, affordable hotels we offer can fill up quite fast, and if you wait until the last minute you could end up paying much more than you want to for a hotel that isn’t even your first choice. Orlandovacation.com offers great planning tools and discounts on rooms and tickets, and if you plan early your trip could be more affordable than you think. In fact, on some Orlando hotels and vacation home rentals we offer a 12% early booking bonus if you make your reservation at least 7 months in advance.

Stick With Base Tickets

There are several additions you can add to tickets, including park hopper and water park and more, but the best way to save some serious cash is to buy discounted base tickets through us for your Disney vacation. By buying the base tickets you will save yourself around $50 per ticket. If you get to the parks and discover that you would like these additions, then you can simply visit guest services at any of the parks to have them added. Many people unnecessarily waste money on these extras only to get to the parks and discover they don’t need them after all.

Save Money on Food

Families can spend as much on food as they do on lodging and park tickets, but they don’t have to. There are several tips you can follow to minimize your food expenses. A) Bring your own food into the parks. There are several grocery delivery companies that will deliver food directly to your hotel for a delivery fee of around $15, or you can stop by a local grocery store and stock up on sandwich fixings, milk, cereal, and snacks. Then pack a lunch before you hit the parks and avoid spending $50+ for lunch for a family of four.

Get Deals on Disney Gift Cards

Estimate how much you plan to spend on meals, extras, and souvenirs while in the parks and then buy Disney gift cards to cover the cost. Not only will this help you stay on budget, but there are numerous ways to save up to 5%: Use your Target Red Card or Chase Sapphire Card to instantly save 5%. Some states prohibit these discounts on gift cards, so be sure to check with your local store before stocking up.us leo.

Bring Your Own Souvenirs

Buying a simple autograph book can cost $20+ in the parks. If you believe you or your little ones will want autographs from the characters, then bring your own from home. You can get one for just a few dollars and even personalize it. Likewise, don’t waste money on Disney merchandise in the parks. Head to your local discount shop and buy your favorite plushes and Disney t-shirts before your Disney vacations.

Be Flexible With Travel Dates

It’s true that many families can only travel during certain weeks of the year, but if you have any flexibility then you should consider going during the off-season, which is essentially any time schools are in session. Room prices can drop dramatically and the crowds in the parks will be much smaller. If you do need to travel during school vacations, then at least avoid holiday weekends. Many are surprised to learn that Christmas and New Year’s week are the busiest times of the year at Walt Disney World.

Check out these helpful tips!

  • Avoid parks with Extra Magic Hours. These extra hours only apply to those staying at Disney resorts and will guarantee that the park is busier than it normally would be. If a park has Extra Magic Hours in the evening, visit that park the next morning – crowd levels will be significantly lower than usual.
  • Get there early. The first two hours that a park is open are the slowest of the day. It can be hard to wrangle larger parties and get them on the same page, but it’ll pay off big when you can ride several rides without a wait – even during the busy season.
  • Take advantage of FastPass+. This service is included in the price of your ticket and allows you to skip the lines on three rides of your choosing. There are a few conditions, like you can’t park-hop with and use these passes in several different parks on the same day, and a tiering system in EPCOT and Hollywood Studios means you can only choose one headlining ride per day.

These simple seven tips could help you save save money on a Disney World vacation. Orlandovacation.com looks forward to helping you plan your vacation and get you the best discounts available!