Many families do not always agree on what to eat at mealtime but one thing that is usually loved by all is pizza. Hands down the best pie in Disney World (and maybe even in Florida) is Via Napoli located at Epcot.

There is nothing quite as delicious as a true wood fired pizza and at Via Napoli is fired in ovens that you can only find at Disney World. Named after active Italian volcanoes; Stromboli, Vesuvio, and Etna are character shaped ovens that are a real work of art.

The pizzas at Via Napoli come in classics like pepperoni or the more exotic like Capricciosa and of course guests are free to build their own. Diners can watch the chefs prepare the pizzas right out in the open so waiting for your food is part of the fun.

Pare your order with a seasonal Italian craft beer and you have a lunch or dinner that will surely please!

pizza Via Napoli epcot