For many grandparents, it’s a dream come true: taking the grandkids to Disney World! If you’re excited about your trip, but worried about how you’ll fare with the kids, then this is the post you’ve been hoping for. We’re outline five specific actions you can take to be ready for your trip.

1.         Watch videos of top attractions

One of the biggest concerns grandparents often have is whether or not they and/or their grandkids can handle certain rides. Because most attractions at Disney World are indoors, it can be hard to gauge. Thank goodness for the internet! All you have to do is hop on YouTube and watch videos of the most popular rides. You can watch full ride-thrus of virtually all rides and decide for yourself if you and the grandkids can handle it.

2.         Map out your route

After you’ve taken a look at the attractions and decided which ones you’re ready to take on, print out a map of the parks and map out your routes each day. If you have a plan in place you’re much less likely to feel overwhelmed. It won’t be a matter of dragging the kids all over the parks. Instead, you’ll simply have to head to the next spot on the list.

3.         Book your dining reservations in advance

Gone are the days when you could simply walk up to a Disney restaurant and get a seat. Now reservations are made as far as 180 days in advance. For popular restaurants, this is essential as they can book up fast. Likewise, if you’re traveling during a busy season you’ll need reservations for even the least popular options.


4.         Choose a hotel or home with a kitchen

Renting an Orlando vacation home is a great choice for grandparents. You’ll have your own place to unwind after you put the kids to bed, and you can flip off your flip flops and relax in the Jacuzzi at night. Plus, you’ll have a kitchen! This can save you tons of money and time, too. Why waste time standing in line for breakfast when you can have a quick bowl of cereal and some fruit on your way to the parks?

5.         Prepare the grandkids for the breaks you’re going to take

The most successful trips to Disney World include tons of breaks! The best option is to get there as soon as the park opens, tour for a few hours, and then head back to your resort or vacation home for a much needed rest. The kids can play, swim, or relax as they’d like, and you’ll get time to recharge. Then head back to the parks once the day has cooled off and lines have shortened. Just make sure you let the grandkids know that this is how your touring will go.