Both Disney World and Universal Orlando offer daily parades, from the sparkling Main Street Electrical Parade in the Magic Kingdom to the new Superstar parade at Universal. Parades add a lot to the park atmosphere and add a sense of celebration to even an ordinary day, as long as you’re able to see them! Here are some tips for parade viewing in the Orlando theme parks:

Claim  your seat early: Check your theme park map to see what the parade route is, and claim a seat early — about 30  minutes early if you want to be in the front row. If you have a stroller, you can park it on the curb, and make sure everyone in your party has a space — it will get crowded as the time for the parade approaches.

Don’t block traffic: While you should claim a seat early, don’t sit in the middle of the sidewalk. If you are not asked to move by park staff, you’ll likely be trampled by other guests.

Hang on to the kids: Kids can get lost in the commotion of the parade, and in the aftermath. As the last float passes, there is usually a huge crowd following the parade — grab the kiddos and hold on so they don’t get swept away in the sea of people.

Have a snack: Parade time is a great time to sit and have a quick snack, provided you grab a bite before you claim your seat. If you grab a spot and then leave to get something to eat, another family will step in an snag the prime curbside real estate.

Watch for rude guests: It’s sad to even have to say this about some of the happiest places on Earth, but other guests can be very rude during parades — from running over seated guests with strollers to adults jumping in front of little kids, parades bring out the worst in some people!

by Samantha McNesby for Orlando Vacation