Your Orlando Trip During the Busy Season

It’s likely no surprise that Disney World and other Orlando theme parks see their busiest time of the year during the summer months. Many people make a hotel reservation, buy their discount theme park tickets, and simply head to the parks and hope for the best.

Choose Your Top 3 Priorities

There’s so much to do in Orlando that there’s no way you can get it all done in one trip – unless you’re planning to stay for an entire month! It is recommended to pick 3 priorities for every trip. Anything else you can get done is just an added bonus.

Plan Your Days and Include a Break

The best way to avoid the hottest time of the day, which is generally between noon and 4 pm, is to plan your day around it. Go back to your vacation home and swim in the pool, schedule several indoor attractions, or make an advanced dining reservation for a cool, comfortable indoor lunch.

kennedy space center

Sunscreen and Light Clothes are Must-Haves

You don’t want to spend the day bogged down by hot and heavy clothes, no matter how cute they make you look! Choose lightweight, light-colored clothes. Sunscreen should be applied liberally before you leave the resort in the morning – even if it’s cloudy! – and you should bring a small bottle to the parks with you for reapplication as needed.

Investing in Cooling Devices

You can buy many products in the parks to cool you off, but they’ll come with a steep price tag. To save a few bucks, buy them ahead of time. You can look for fans with misters, or cooling towers, which only need to be wet to be activated and can provide hours of coolness.

disney world misting fans

These tips will help you make the most of your summertime Disney vacation. While the days will be hot and there will be lots of people there enjoying the magic with you, there are upsides too – like the extended hours you’ll find during these busy months.