Spring break 2011 has been better than expected for Orlando hotels and resorts. So does this mean that America’s economy is turning? Well, if you have been in the travel business as long as we have a boost in travel means the economy is doing well…often times travel is one of the sectors that economist look at to see if an economy is doing well. As most times travel numbers often show better and is a leading indicator that an economy is pulling itself out of a recession.

There is caution still ahead…rising gas prices and uncertainty in many regions of the world can lead us back to a recessionary path…but for now all signs are pointing in the right direction for the economy.

What does this mean in the future to Orlando vacations? Well Disney has hinted that they are going to start going up on their prices, and many hotels have been just trying to survice the past few years so we think rates will go up on them as well. Don’t be frightened; however, we do not think prices are going to skyrocket nor do we think prices will be back to 2008 levels for at least another 2 or 3 years.