I talk to guest everyday that are planning their vacation to Disney World and here is my number one money saving tip for the Spring of 2011…book your Orlando vacation early! Why? Well I was reading in the paper yesterday where Disney was hinting that they were going to raise their prices to be more profitable in 2011. It is important for us to remember that Disney (and the other theme parks in the Orlando area) have offered huge discounts over the past few years to keep thier attendance up. Now that the economy looks to be getting better these theme parks are hoping to raise thier prices. It is also important to note that Disney World is in talks with a few of the many their worker unions and it is believed that Disney will be increasing these employee wages. As we all know, when the cost of business goes up so to the prices of the goods sold.

If you know that your family is coming to Orlando this summer, fall or even during Christmas you would save yourself a lot of money by going ahead and locking in the the discounted rates now. We are experiencing a better than expected Spring Break Season and with the better than expected numbers it is only a matter of weeks before we expect the price increases to take effect.

Book early to save money

If you are looking to book with Orlandovacation.com, we only require a $50 deposit and the remaining balance is not due until 15 days prior to your arrival. If you need to cancel and you do so prior to the 15 days of your arrival date we will cheerfully refund $35 of the $50 deposit.