Over the past 6 years Orlando hotels have been charging resorts fees, and every year these fees seem to inch a little higher and higher. So what exactly is a resort fee and what does this fee cover?

  1. What is a resort fee? It is a fee which the hotels charge when a guest checks-in to their property. This fee can range from $3 a night all the way up to $30 a night if you stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel.
  2. Why are hotels charging a resort fee?  Simple, it is a way for them to increase their revenue. I have been here in Orlando since 1993 and since that time prices on majority of the hotels has stayed relatively flat. This is remarkable if you really think about, over the last 20 years prices on hotel rooms in and around Disney have been almost flat. Now the theme park ticket prices have gone up, the hotels insurance has gone up, wages have increased, transportation cost has increased, and most hotels during the past 20 years have had to go through some type of renovation.  In short, revenues are flat and expenses are up so this is why hotels charge resort fees.I was asked recently by one of our clients why hotels do not figure this into their nightly rate. While I agree this would be easier, but since most travelers book their hotel reservations online the hotels want to display their lowest nightly rate.
  3. What do resort fees cover? The resort fees usually cover: internet access, pool, work out facility, parking, transportation to and from the area theme parks, and usually some type of kids entertainment.


Please note, here at Orlandovacation.com we do everything in our power to notify our guests if the hotel charges a resort fee or not before and after the guests has made a reservation. We also do our best to negotiate a lower resort fee for our guests.

Here is a simple guide as to the nightly resort fees our hotel partners are currently charging for 2014

Baymont Inn and Suites $4.50
Celebration Suites $4.50
Hawthorn Suites $6.95
Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista $12.95
Lake Buena Vista Resort $10.00
Mystic Dunes $12.00
Park Inn Orlando by Radisson $10.00
Royale Parc Suites $4.00