If you are planning a vacation to Orlando and you desire to stay in a vacation pool home we hope to earn your business through great customer service and low prices.


We have three categories to choose from when looking to book a vacation home:

  1. Standard Vacation Homes– These homes are our least expensive options, and they range in size from 3 bedrooms all the way up to 5 bedrooms. What makes a home a standard home? It really comes down to the interior décor. The executive homes and standard homes are built by the same builders in the same neighborhood so they have the same kitchen appliances, same size pools, same size yards but a standard home was usually purchased from the build already decorated. And as we well know builders do not have the best decorating taste so they go to a place similar to Room To Go and buy a dining room set, living room set, etc. The standard homes are nice and clean but they just lack the WOW factor that the executive homes offer.
  2. Executive Vacation Homes– The executive homes are our top of the line homes. The homes were bought from the builder unfurnished and the owner hired a local interior decorator to furnish the house. These homes offer more of a “WOW” factor when you walk through the door. These homes typically sell for $10 to$14 more per night than the standard homes.

** When making a reservation for one of our Executive or Standard vacation homes we do not guarantee you an exact house. Each home we have in our portfolio is graded by our management team and when you make a reservation for an Executive house our reservation manager will assign you one of the executive homes. All of our homes are within 15 minutes to Disney World but we do not guarantee you a specific house.


If you want to know exactly what house you are booking then we have recently rolled out a new product called the Deluxe Platinum Pool Homes. In this category guests can choose the size of home which they desire to stay in and the dates then we show them exact pictures and descriptions of all them homes which we have available during the time they want to stay. Please note the Deluxe Platinum Pool homes since they offer more peace of mind to the guest, and since they offer us less flexibility we ask for a $100 deposit to make the reservation and the nightly rate is usually $12 more per night than the executive home rates.

Orlando Vacation Home Reservation Policy:

  1. We only require a $50 deposit if a guest wants to book an Executive or Standard Home and $100 deposit if the guests want to book a specific vacation home.
  2. We do not require any other money due until 15 days prior to your arrival, which at that time the remaining balance, is due. If you choose to cancel your reservation and you let us know prior to 16 days of your arrival then we will refund $35 of the $50 deposit back to you. Yes, we have the most liberal refund policy of any Orlando vacation home company.
    If you are booking your vacation home during Christmas or Easter/Spring Break time since these are our busiest times of the year we require the payment on all vacation homes to be made 30 days prior to your arrival.
  3. Five (5) days prior to your arrival we will e-mail all guests their pre-registration instructions. Once we receive the pre-registration paperwork back from the guest we will send you directions to your vacation home and the key code to get into the house.