SeaWorld Orlando is a popular theme park, but many believe that it’s best suited for younger and older visitors. It’s a common misconception that this park, which is part teaching environment, part thrill ride environment, and part relaxing aquarium, is not a hit with teenagers. While it will of course depend on your particular teens, the truth is that there’s a lot for the teen crowd to love here.

Take in the thrilling roller coasters

You may not realize that there are actually several roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando. While you may know it as the place where Shamu lives, there are actually three serious roller coasters.


  1. Kraken. This mammoth roller coaster reaches the fastest speeds of any of the SeaWorld attractions.
  2. Manta. If you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to fly, this is a great choice. It’s the world’s only flying roller coaster.
  3. Journey at Atlantis. Both a roller coaster and a water ride, this one will leave you feeling wet and wild.

If you want to take on these beasts, your best bet is to wait until the sun goes down. Not only will you get to ride through the beautiful dusk light, but you’ll also get to skip most of the lines.

Interact with the animals

SeaWorld Orlando isn’t just about looking at and admiring the sea creatures. It’s true that there are plenty of exhibits where the animals will be off limits, but you can also get up close and personal in a number of ways. Whether it’s signing up to watch the animals be fed, or adding an extra package to actually swim with the dolphins, there are many interactive exhibits.

Stop at SeaWorld’s Aquatica

If your teens are water lovers, don’t miss Aquatica, SeaWorld’s unique water park. There are numerous thrill rides within this park, including the all-new in 2014 Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, which features 105 feet of incredible water fun! There are also your typical water park rides and attractions, plus a few great choices for little ones. Essentially, Aquatica is a hit for guests of all ages – including teenagers.


Don’t underestimate your teenagers

Remember that for many teenagers, being on vacation means all bets are off. Even teenagers who are going through a phase where nothing can impress them may surprise you. Give them all the options at SeaWorld Orlando and you may be surprised by how they embrace some rides or attractions that they’d otherwise find cheesy or “for kids.” And no matter what happens, remember you’re on vacation too! Take the time to experience what you want to experience too.

If you’re planning to head to SeaWorld Orlando on your next vacation, make sure you check out these useful planning tips and discount theme park tickets.