Whether you’ve planned a dozen group trips, or you’re just starting to plan your first, there’s no question that you have plenty of difficult decisions to make. We found a great blog post written by SuperShuttle that outlines Tips for Successful Group Trip Planning. You can check it out there or grab the highlights below.

Put a single person in charge

No matter the size of your group, whether it’s 10 or 1,000, the first step is to decide on a group leader. Even if that leader delegates tasks to others, there should be a single point person so everyone knows who to contact and what to do if there is an issue. This person will be the go-to person for everything from airfare, to hotels, to ground transportation. Again, they may parcel out the specific work, but if there is a problem you’d know to contact the group leader first so they could point you in the right direction.


Gather information about your group

There may nothing as important when planning a group trip as doing the right research. The information you should gather will start with the main details, like the number of people traveling, the dates you’ll be traveling, where you’ll be staying in the Orlando area, and billing information. Once you have the basics, you’ll move on to gather information about the general needs of the group as well as specific needs.

For example, find out if anyone has food allergies, if anyone needs ADA accessible vehicles, or if there are any health issues that need to be addressed. This information will affect travel in the ways you imagine, but it could also have an impact in ways you wouldn’t think of. Having this information upfront makes the planning process much easier, and can prevent big problems down the road.

Don’t forget about ground transportation

orlandovacation_group-transportationYou won’t forget to handle your Orlando vacation home rental or resort hotel reservation, but one factor that many groups overlook is their ground transportation. You’ll have many options, including public transportation, airport shuttles, airport transfers, taxis, charters, and luxury sedan and SUV rentals.

Note that many of these options are simply not reasonable for larger groups. For example, a group of 50 is going to have a tough time finding enough cabs, and taking public transit is likely not a great option. You may decide to rent a passenger van so you’ll have plenty of room during the entirety of your trip.

Keep your group in the loop

It’s not enough for the group leader to know the details of your trip – those traveling in your group should also know what to expect. Send out weekly emails when you have information to share so that people aren’t bogged down with too much information, but they do have the pertinent information.