So you want to visit the Universal parks in Orlando, but you don’t want to save up for years to do it. The great news is that we have numerous tips that can help you enjoy the vacation you’ve been dreaming about without breaking your budget. Check them out now!

Buy your theme park tickets in advance

One of the simplest ways to save big is to buy discount theme park tickets in advance. If you wait until the day of your trip you’ll not only pay full price, but you’ll waste precious time waiting in line. Instead, pick up your tickets in advance and enjoy the ultimate in convenience and affordability.


Keep upgrade opportunities in mind

There are numerous types of tickets you can buy. You can buy a one-day ticket for one of the parks, you can buy a one-day ticket that gives you access to both parks, or you can buy multi-day tickets that give you access to a single park per day or both parks each day. Which one is right for you? The reality is that you may not know until you get to the parks. That’s why it’s best in many cases to buy the minimum and simply upgrade once you’re in the parks if you decide that’s what will work best for you.

budget-orlando-resort-hotelFind affordable accommodations that still meet your needs

Your resort hotel or Orlando vacation home may be the most expensive part of your trip. This leads many people to searching out the lowest cost option possible, but this can end up costing you more in the long run. For example, if it takes you 45 minutes to get to the parks every day, you’re wasting precious time. If you have to pay $30 a day for parking then you may have had the opportunity to pay a little more per day to have parking included – and get a much nicer resort in the process. Find the accommodations that can save you cash – but don’t do it at the expense of taking care of your needs.

Keep your food budget in check

Food can be a huge expense, but there are numerous ways to keep those costs under wraps. First, consider renting a home or condo with a full kitchen. This will allow you to have at least one meal per day that you don’t have to pay a premium for. You can even prepare lunch and/or dinner and bring it into the parks with you. Note that Universal allows soft coolers, but not hard ones, and does let you bring in food and outside drink – except alcohol.