I can’t tell you how many times we get asked “what age is the best age to bring a child to Disney World?” Obviously, this is a personal preference, and Disney World really does have something for children of all ages. I did read something a few weeks ago which made really good sense…to have the best time at Disney World limit your visit to one hour longer than the age of your child. So if you child is 3 years old you might want to break your day up into multiple visits which last 4 hours or less. So you might want to  the parks around 9am and then return back to your hotel at 1pm. At the hotel your child might want to take a nap or you might want to swim in the pool, then return back to the Disney World parks for another four hours of fun.

Keep this in mind when planning your next Disney World vacation, the parks are the least busy between 5pm and 7pm. A lot of the park goers are just worn out come 5pm and they head back to their hotel room while another large group of park goers are eating at one of the many restaurants located throughout all the theme parks. So if you decide to go back to your room and rest during the afternoon hours, if you can make it back to the parks around 5pm the wait time for most rides should be less than at any other time during the day.