Funny as it may seem…there was a lady…first name Barabara who called in the other day and asked if the oil from that well had reached Orlando yet.  I explained as nice as I could that we are in Central Florida and that the Gulf of Mexico is some 90 miles away.  I don’t think she quite heard my response for her next question was…..Oh… so, it hasn’t gotten there yet? I said yes mam, you are right it hasn’t gotten here yet.

What Barbara is telling us is what happens to any part of Florida effects all of us in tourism throughout the state. Whether you aced your final exam in geography or not…people are not visiting Florida this year.

But cheer up…if you desire to have a great vacation, you want to visit Disney World, you want no lines at the theme parks, you want great rates on hotels both inside and at the main entrance to Disney World, then the place and time is right here, right now. Rates on most hotels have not been this low in 15 years. Attraction ticket promotions are everywhere…why… simply because tourism in Orlando is way off. The only way for businesses to survive is to get cash flow and that comes through sales. To get you to buy, those offering lodging and theme park tickets have figured out they have to make deals!

Yesterday on I helped a lady with a first-class hotel inside Disney World for her party of 2 adults and 1 child along with a 7 day theme park ticket to all of the Disney World parks for the unheard of price of $1,025…now that is dealing!