Many Disney World guests following a gluten-free diet are understandably worried that their options will be limited, or that they’ll have difficulty determining what they can and can’t eat. The good news is that Disney takes all food restrictions seriously. If you’re eating at a table service restaurant, be sure to note on your reservation that you are gluten-free. Not only will you have options available, but the chef will come to your table to consult with you about what you can and can’t eat, and offer their recommendations. Below are just a few of the gluten-free choices we recommend.

Garden Kiosk in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has an amazing food allergy kiosk specifically for guests who have special diet needs – including dietary restrictions and food allergies. Cast members are there every day from 9 am to 3 pm and are specially trained to handle these questions and offer advice. They also sell pre-packaged snacks, many of which are gluten-free, and even gluten-free beer.

garden kiosk animal kingdom gluten free

Splitsville in Disney Springs

Another great option is not in the parks themselves, but is in the newly revamped Disney Springs. Splitsville, an upscale bowling alley, has an impressive 16 gluten-free dishes. They include tasty entrees like rick bowls, pizzas, BLT sandwiches, grilled salmon, and more!

Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom

This spot gets a special place on the list because it’s a quick service option. Though you’ll have gluten-free options at every table service restaurant, that’s not necessarily the case at every counter service or snack kiosk. Flame Tree BBQ offers open air dining and great options like BBQ chicken and coleslaw. They even have gluten-free brownies!

gluten free treats flaming tree bbq disney

Biergarten in EPCOT

Biergarten is not just a restaurant, it’s also a fantastic experience. The food is buffet style and a German show takes place while guests sit around communal tables and chow down. All you have to do is let your server know you’re gluten-free and the chef will come out, walk you through the buffet, and explain what you can and can’t eat. There are tons of choices, and sometimes the chefs even come back out and present guests with pre-packaged gluten-free treats for later snacking.

Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom

Crystal Palace is another buffet, and just like at Biergarten you can expect the chef to walk you through and let you know what you can eat. They have many options, including shrimp, quinoa salad, roast chicken, carving station, and they’ll even bring out tapioca rolls. Make sure you save room for the best part: a special chocolate dessert that many swear is the best gluten-free dessert in all of Disney World.

crystal palace disney world gluten free

Mama Melrose at Hollywood Studios

Mama Melrose is a table service Italian restaurant with adorable theming and tons of gluten-free options. The best thing about this restaurant, for those with gluten intolerance, is that most of their gluten-free options are naturally gluten-free. They do offer GFI rolls, desserts, etc. but they also have numerous meat dishes served with delectable sauces and sides that naturally contain no gluten.

Disney World offers so many options for guests with special needs – including those with dietary restrictions. These are just a few of the places you can have delicious food with no hassle.