When you take the little ones to Disney World there are so many things to consider that it can feel overwhelming. The good news is that by taking a few specific actions you can assure everyone is prepared. Check out this helpful article with 10 Tips for Air Travel With Little Grandkids, or read out our top 5 favorites below.

orlandovacation_flying-with-kids1.         Stick with carry-ons only if at all possible

Depending on how long your trip is, you may be forced to check your bags. However, if you’re stopping by Disney for just a few days, consider packing lightly and sticking with carry-on bags only. Remember that everyone gets their own carry-on – including the little ones. Being able to get to the airport and head directly to your rental car or cab can be a lifesaver when it means skipping the wait at baggage claim with squirmy, excited kids.

2.         Be careful with your seating

These days you get to pick your own airline seats – take advantage of it! Even though kids younger than 2 can sit on your lap without the need for purchasing a ticket for them, if you can afford it you should certainly get them their own seat. Bring an airline approved car seat, which they’ll feel comfortable in as they’ve used these at home plenty of times. Any time the fasten seatbelts light is off the kiddos are free to stand. Let them use their seat as a table to draw, color, and play.

3.         Layers are your friends

The temperatures in airplanes can change dramatically and a hot or cold kiddo is not going to be in a good mood for anyone. As a result, it’s best to dress them in layers. Added bonus: this means less packing! Dress them in long pants, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and bring a coat. They can then add or take off clothes as the temps change.

4.         Clogged ears affect children more than adults

You likely know the feeling of needing to pop your ears on a flight, but kids can experience this even more dramatically. Bottles, pacifiers, and lollipops are all great ways to help them pop their ears. If they’re old enough you can also teach them the tried and true method of holding your nose and blowing hard.


5.         Bring tons of surprises

The best way to keep the kids happy on a long flight is to keep them occupied. Pack a bag full of grandparent’s surprises. This could include new books, coloring tools, or toys. Every time they get a little antsy, simple give them a new toy. After all, it’s vacation – if you can’t spoil them here, when can you?