As you plan your next trip to Orlando, it may be time for you think outside the box. You’ll find many resort hotels and vacation homes for rent, many of which offer a great bargain. But have you ever considered renting a condo? There are actually tons of reasons you should look into it. Check out a few below.


Prices start at $84 a night

The cost of Orlando condos can be as low as $84. The cost will vary based on the number of bedrooms, the time of year you’re visiting, the location of the condo, and how many amenities it has. When you book through you pick your own condo so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

It’s just like staying in a resort – but better!

There are so many incredible amenities at most condos that you’ll truly feel you’re staying in a posh resort, but with many advantages. First, most other tenants in the condo will be residents, which means you can avoid many of the issues that can come along with tourists. Second, you’ll pay much less than you’d pay to stay in a resort with similar amenities.


Incredible amenities will make your trip

Note that every condo will vary based on the particular one you choose and what amenities it has, but you can expect a fully furnished space with climate-controlled settings that allow you to control the comfort in your room. You can also expect a separate living area and sleeping area, which is perfect for families who need a little privacy, a fully functional kitchen with appliances, and you may have access to private swimming pools and Jacuzzi.

Condos are super convenient

The condos you’ll rent from are just a short drive to Disney World. In fact, you can get there in 15 minutes or less! It costs just $50 to hold the reservation and your balance isn’t due until a few weeks before your trip. This allows you to plan well in advance without having to pay well in advance. It’s a win-win from all sides.


Book with confidence

Make sure you book through a company that doesn’t rent timeshares. Why? Because these properties are not privately owned the way condos are and you can’t be assured of their cleanliness or the quality. Book with a company that offers a low price guarantee so you’ll know you’re getting the best deal, and make sure you understand the cancellation policy. A good rental company will allow you to cancel up until the weeks before the trip, which gives you ultimate flexibility.