If you’re flying into Orlando for business you’ll have several options to get to your resort hotel. Some hotels near the convention center may offer complimentary airport shuttles, but for the most part you’ll be on your own.

Rental Car Options

If you’re planning to get around Orlando while you’re visiting, then a rental car is likely your best bet. You may be surprised to learn that Orlando is actually the largest rental car market in the world. Most of the rental car companies are located directly in the airport, which means you won’t even have to take a shuttle to use them. You’ll find them conveniently located in Terminal A, Terminal B, and on the Ground Transportation Level. To save money we recommend using rentalcarmomma.com to ensure you get the best rates.


Local buses

Orlando has numerous local bus options, depending on where you’re staying. It will cost you $2 each way. If you’re concerned with saving as much money as possible, this might be a good choice for you. Otherwise, you’ll find it a better overall value to pay a little more for a rental car or taxi, especially if you’re carrying luggage.


If you don’t need to rent a car then taking a taxi is likely your perfect compromise between hiring a driver and taking the local bus. In Orlando, taxis can carry up to 9 passengers and the charge is the same no matter how many passengers you have. Flat fare rates are not allowed per the City of Orlando’s Vehicle for Hire Ordinance, which requires that all fares are determined by a taximeter.


Shuttle Vans

If you have a large group traveling for business, you may want to find a shuttle van. They can be found in both Terminal A and Terminal B. You don’t need a reservation but you’ll get faster service if you have one.

Vehicles for Hire

If you want a vehicle ready to pick you up when you show up, there are many authorized companies who can do so. However, keep in mind that Orlando law requires that only those who have previously made a reservation can be picked up, so don’t expect to be able to show up and call for a Lincoln Town Car. These are arrangements you must make in advance.

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