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Disney Hollywood Studios Walt Disney: One Mans Dream

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream Mickey Avenue Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A walk-through exhibit that showcases the life of Walt Disney and pays tribute to his many achievements. This exhibit contains extensive memorabilia from the Walt Disney archives, much of which has never been displayed to the public before. There is also a biographical film about Walt Disney’s life which is very well done and contains a lot of interesting background.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Young ones may get fidgety during the film.
ages 5-15 Young ones may get fidgety during the film.
ages 16-senior Young ones may get fidgety during the film.

When to Go
There are no lines so visit anytime. We suggest you set aside at least 35 minutes to view this exhibit.
Disney Facts

  • The film originally featured Michael Eisner as the narrator, but was quickly changed to Julie Andrews after Bob Iger took over as Chairman of the Board of the Walt Disney Corporation.
  • Among the artifacts in the exhibit, is a model for a set design for the film So Dear to My Heart. The model was actually built by Walt Disney himself.
  • Also in the display is a simulated multi-plane camera, which was used in early animation to give a sense of depth.
  • One of the most facinating parts of this exhibit is a simulated TV studio shows Walt himself shooting a video which he used to interest investors into his unfulfilled dream of buidling EPCOT.