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Disney Hollywood Studios Rock -n- Roller Coaster

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster is one of the best thrill rides included in your Disney World Packages. The most thrilling part of this roller coaster is the beginning where guests are launched forward to a speed of 60 miles per hour in under 2.8 seconds. It is followed by a half a mile of loops, twist and corkscrew turn. All the while over 125 speakers will rock your world with Aerosmith tunes. If you like thrill rides this Roller Coaster is Amazing! This ride lasts 1 minute 22 seconds.

There is a 48″ height requirement for this ride.

Utilize child swap if you have a child who does not reach the height requirements or is frightened by the coaster.

There is a 48″ height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Most young children cannot reach the height requirement.
ages 5-10 Even if the child is tall enough to reach the height requirement, this is not a good roller coaster for beginners. In addition to the upside-down maneuvers, the launch at the beginning is quite intense.
ages 11-adult Many pre-teens, teens, and adults consider this to be one of the best rides at Walt Disney World.
senior citizens Great fun for those who enjoy intense roller coasters.

When to Go

Rock ‘n Roller Coaster should be visited first thing in the morning and in the last hour the park is open to avoid the longest lines. During the middle of the day, the average wait time is between 65 and 80 minutes.

Single Rider Line

A third option presented at Rock ‘n Roller Coaster is the single-rider line. Guests in the single rider line fill up the extra seats that are left over from the stand-by and FASTPASS lines. Because of this, riders are separated from their group and sit with strangers. This option can cut your wait time in half, but be prepared to be split up. The Single Rider can get cut off late afternoon if it is a rather busy day.


Rock ‘n Roller Coaster is available on Genie+. It can be a popular ride and reservations may go for an early time, by the afternoon. If this ride is a priority for you try grabbing a good reservation time at 7 am when they become available, the day of.

  • The name of the fictitious record company in the attraction is G-Force Records which are “turning the recording industry upside-down.
  • Creators originally wanted the Rolling Stones but settled on Aerosmith after they were unhappy with the amount of money the Rolling Stones wanted.
  • Each roller coaster train features a unique mix of Aerosmith tunes.