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EPCOT Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth Epcot Attraction

Affectionately known as the “golf ball” by many guests, Spaceship Earth is not only a great attraction but is also the symbol of Epcot. Inside the giant geosphere guests experience a journey through time and the development of human communication. The trip includes a look at ancient Egypt, Greek theater, the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, Turn-of-the-century America and even a glimpse of the future. The ride represents one of the last of the original Epcot Center attractions from 1982, although it has received some major upgrades of the years. The attraction is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and will re-open in November 2007 with even more amazing effects than ever before.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Young children may be somewhat intimidated by the dark beginning, but should enjoy the rest of the attraction.
ages 5-10 Most children find the special effects interesting enough, even if the subject of the history of communication is not of interest.
ages 11-15 Teens may balk at the idea of looking at history on vacation, but most enjoy the special effects used in the ride.
ages 16-adult The attraction tends to be very popular with adults, especially those interested in history or technology.
senior citizens For many seniors this is the best attraction in all of Walt Disney World. The ending where riders are tiled backwards can make some guests with back problems uncomfortable.

When to Visit

Spaceship Earth rarely gets a long line and is great to visit anytime, besides the first hour the park is open.

Disney World Facts

  • The geosphere is 180 feet tall
  • The sphere is made up of over 11,300 triangles
  • The narrator has changed three times and has featured Walter Cronkite as well as the current narrator Jeremy Irons.