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The Boneyard Playground at Animal Kingdom

The Boneyard at Animal Kingdom

Designed for children, the Boneyard offers a preview of what it’s like to be an archeologist or paleontologist. In this attraction, young guests get to dig for dinosaur bones, climb up nets and slide down chutes.

This Orlando attraction is a large playground for children and it gives the adults some time to rest while the children blow off some energy.

There is no minimum height requirement.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 What child does not like to dig, children in this age group really like the Boneyard. This attraction is probably the best playground in Walt Disney World.
ages 5-10 This is a great place for young ones to blow off some steam. Probably the best playground in Walt Disney World.
ages 11-15 While older kids are allowed, the playground is mostly designed for younger children.
ages 16-adult The area has some nice theming, but mostly amounts to a playground for children.
senior citizens While there is not much at the Boneyard for seniors to do, it is a great time to sit down and watch the grand kids run, laugh and play.

When to Go

Considering there are no lines to enter, visit Boneyard anytime you wish.