The next time you visit Disney World be careful of who you order pizza through. I just saw on the news where con artist are putting flyers out at area Orlando hotels advertising great pizza specials. The guest, thinking it is a legitimate company, calls the company up and orders a couple of pizzas, but beside having the pizzas delivered to their rooms within a couple  minutes these con artist rip the guests off by charging up their credit cards.

You know with the economy not getting any better, we are hearing about these types of scams more and more every day. Here are a few tips to protect yourself when you are here in Orlando:

1. Ask the hotel front desk if you receive a flyer advertising a good or service. If it is a reputable company the hotel employees should know something about them.

2. Use your debit card sparingly. It is much easier for you to dispute a charge and have the disputed amount added to your available funds. To have money returned to your checking account through a debit card can take up to 7 business days (more than likely by the time you have your money back in your checking account your vacation is already over with).

3. Use the safes in the hotel rooms to your advantage. Don’t go to the theme parks with all your money in your wallet. If you happen to lose your wallet or you get pick pocketed it could spell disaster. Carry only enough cash to cover the souvenirs and food you will need for that day, and also leave at least one major credit card in the safe along with your spare cash.