Want something fun to do while the park is crowded, or while the thrill riders in your group are off exploring Everest or Space Mountain? Stop by one of Disney’s face painting stations for a quick makeover.

Get a fun makeover in minutes at a face painting booth!The face painting process is fast and easy. You’ll pick the look you want from the photos provided, and the makeup artist will get to work. Even the most fidgety kid can sit still for the time most looks require. Our pirate princess image took under 10 minutes, and that was with a constant stream of chatter from our 7 year old pirate!

Allow about 10 minutes for your makeover.

Expect to pay about $15 for your face makeover, and for your finished design to last all day. The makeup used is a fast drying, comfortable product that won’t stain your skin, but it can stain clothing. You can wash your image off when you are tired of it — makeup remover works well.

Compared to other Disney World experiences like the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Pirate’s League, face painting is fast, fun and affordable, and a great option if you want something special on a budget.