For those of us who like to sing in the shower without ashamedness, now is our big chance to strike it big with Walt Disney’s World’s  “The American Idol Experience” at the Disney Hollywood Studios. You will get to feel like you are the smash hit ABC TV show, American Idol. You will take the role of a real contestant as you prepare to sing for your chance to your very own very own audition.

This is could be your big chance to perform in front of a live crowd that will applaud its favorite performers. At Walt Disney World’s “American Idol Experience”, you will truly be able to experience what it’s like to be on the popular show. Not only could you get to audition, but you will also get to your hair and make up done, and work with a vocal coach before your big performance.

The set that has been created for Walt Disney World’s “American Idol Experience” has been closely designed after the American Idol stage that is seen on television.

After an initial audition phase, some participants will have a chance to sing in front of a real live audience that gets to vote for their favorite singers. If you are the winner then you will receive a “Dream Ticket.” A “Dream Ticket” is your ticket to regional auditions of the American Idol TV show.

So, the next time you go to Disney be sure to bring you “A” game because this very well may be your chance at a ticket  to the big time!