Are you ready to get Minionized? The characters from  the hit film Despicable Me are running free at Universal Orlando this month, to celebrate the opening of the new Minion Mayhem Ride.

Minion Mayhem has been unleased at Universal Orlando.

Minion Mayhem is easy to spot — look for the peaked roof of Gru’s pointy house –once you spot this landmark, you’ll know you’re in the right spot. The new attraction is heavily based on the movie, and guests are treated to Gru’s trademark grumpy humor in the Queue, and plenty of Minion Mayhem once inside.

This is an interactive program — Gru is recruiting more Minions for his army, and you’re invited to be “minionized” if you are up to the task. Get ready for lots of kid-friendly fun and giggles — and be ready to boogie down with the Minions during the dance party portion of the show.

Since this attraction is brand new, you’ll see lots of Minion-themed fun all over the park. Watch for Minions cruising the streets, dancing outside and meeting and greeting guests after the parade.

With a sequel to the original Despicable Me coming soon, expect this ride and are to get lots of attention over the next year or so, and prepare for longer than usual lines if you want to visit the attraction in a busy summer month. Arrive early and head right to Minion Mayhem if you want to ride — this should be one of your first stops in the park if you don’t want to waste a lot of time waiting in line.

If  you can;t get enough Minion Mayhem, there are a few Despicable Me themed shopping areas stocking a complete line of Minion gear, stuffed animals, including the “it’s so fluffy” unicorn from the movie, and other fun, themed items.