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Retired Attractions – Earthquake: The Big One

Retired Attractions:

Earthquake: The Big One

Earthquake: The Big One opened with the theme park on June 7, 1990, and officially closed on November 5, 2007. There were two versions but in the first, guests entered a subway station modeled after the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) at the West Oakland Station where they boarded an open air Golden Gate Transit subway train. Departing the station, guests soon arrived at the Embarcadero subway station.

Upon arriving at the station, the train was shaken by a minor earth tremor that soon turned into a violent earthquake: the big one. The entire station became seemingly destroyed as large cracks formed in the station platforms, sections of the roof collapsed, a gasoline truck fell through the ceiling and burst into flames, another subway train entered the station and derailed and a flash flood of water rushed down the stairs and into the station.

A live director would then appear from inside of a control booth and would congratulate guests on surviving “The Big One.” The subway train then backed out of the station and returned to the West Oakland station where guests disembarked the train and exited the attraction.