orlandovacation_vacation-rental-homeThose who’ve never stayed in an Orlando vacation home may think there’s a lot of hassle to staying off property. Sure, you can save money and get a lot more convenience, but many think they’ll miss the amenities of Disney. Let’s take a look at the issues and how they add up.

Staying offsite means long commutes: FALSE

It’s a common misconception that staying offsite means spending an hour or more a day driving to and from the parks. The reality is that the vacation homes at Orlandovacation.com are all within 15 minutes of the Disney theme parks. Most hotels on Disney property are equally far from the theme parks themselves.

Orlando vacation homes are expensive: FALSE

Just like any other type of accommodations, whether resorts or otherwise, vacation homes vary in price. They start at just $99 a night, which is a great deal compared to Disney’s properties that cost well over $100 per night – sometimes as much as $500 a night.

orlandovacation_rental-home-bedroomOrlando vacation homes have tons of amenities: TRUE

You’ll be incredibly impressed by the many amenities available to you when you stay at a rental home. From full kitchens to private pools to washers and dryers in every home, you’ll enjoy staying in the lap of luxury with much more privacy than you’ll find at area hotels.

Staying in a vacation home comes with tons of added fees: FALSE

One of the most prevalent rumors is that renting vacation homes may seem affordable on the surface, but once you arrive at your destination you’ll be responsible for all sorts of extra fees. The truth is that if you rent through a reputable company, all the fees will be included in your original rental agreement. In some cases you may pay for optional services, like heating your pool, but your price should be all-inclusive of the amenities advertised.