Why pay more for your Disney World vacation when you don’t have to? We recently saw an interesting post on the Disney Tourist Blog that lists 10 ways to save money on your next Disney vacation. Take a look at the top 5 we picked out below.

orlandovacation_grocery-delivery1.         Have your groceries delivered

There are tons of really delicious restaurants in Disney World, but they come at a steep price. To save money on your trip, have your groceries delivered right to your Orlando resort or vacation home rental. The fee is generally around $15, but you’ll save much more than that by preparing some or all of your meals.

2.         Pass on the park hopper option

Adding the park hopper option allows you to visit more than one park per day. Depending on how many days you’re visiting, and how you plan to make use of your time while you’re there, this may or may not be to your benefit. However, even if you think you’ll definitely want the park hopper, opt to buy your discount tickets in advance – without this option. Once you get to the parks you can assess your needs, and if you still feel you need it you can add it on at any Guest Relations booth.

orlandovacation_disney-world-combo-meal3.         Be smart about combo meals

If you do elect to have a few meals in the parks, be smart about your selections. Too often visitors assume that the combo is a great deal, but in some cases that may not be true. For example, if a combo comes with an entrée, fries, and a huge drink, and you end up only eating half the food, you could have saved quite a bit by simply ordering the entrée and asking for a free cup of ice water. On the other hand, some combo meals are easily enough for two people to share and can be a great value when they’re split.

4.         Skip the souvenirs

Buying little souvenirs here and there can really add up on your trip. The best way to handle this is to prepare your kids before you leave. Let them know that the trip is their gift, and there won’t be any additional souvenirs purchased. Or perhaps you can allow everyone one special souvenir. This allows them to carefully select what they really want, instead of begging for everything they see.

5.         Plan a “free” day

Planning a free day outside of the parks doesn’t have to mean spending no money – though you could certainly take a day to relax at your resort or vacation home. Other options include checking out some of the other local, more affordable attractions like SeaWorld, GatorLand, and others.