One of the most anticipated new attractions of the entire year is Universal Studios Diagon Alley. Inspired by the popular Harry Potter books, and the popularity of other Harry Potter attractions in Islands of Adventure, this brand new experience is schedule to open in this summer.

However, amidst all the excitement, those with special needs have been anxiously awaiting answers to questions about the accessibility of the rides. Debi Dame at the Orlando Informer Blog has done some great work breaking down the new rides and attractions. Read below for the details, or visit her blog for the original story.

Hogwarts Express Will have ADA Access That Doesn’t Require Transfers

There’s great news about Hogwarts Express – wheelchairs will roll right on. Scooters, or ECVs, will also be able to access the ride without having to transfer to a seat. This is true of both your own personal scooter and those rented from Universal.

hogwarts express diagon alley universal studios

You’ll Have to Set Your Break

The latest word is that there won’t be tie-downs on the ride, which means you’ll have to set your brakes. Also of note: any strollers brought on will need to be folded.

Escape from Gringotts Will Require Wheelchair Transfers

While Escape from Gringotts will be accessible from wheelchairs, you will have to transfer to a seat. It’s also important to keep in mind that ECVs aren’t allowed in the line, so if you’re using an ECV be prepared to transfer to a manual wheelchair.

escape from gringotts diagon alley ride

Estimated Height Requirements

This isn’t official information yet, but a spokesperson is on record that they believe Escape from Gringotts will have a height requirement of 42”. Again, this isn’t an official number yet, but it is confirmed that it will definitely be higher than Flight of the Hippogriff, which only requires a height of 36”.

Lap Bars Will be Used on Escape from Gringotts

The official word is that lap bars, and not harnesses, will be used on this ride.

It’s an exciting time to visit Universal, with so many new rides coupled with classics we’ve come to love. With these new additions to the park, it looks like Universal is continuing their commitment to making every ride as accessible as possible.

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