There’s no question that Universal’s Islands of Adventure is the best Orlando theme park for thrill-seekers, but teens who want to get their adrenaline pumping will find numerous options in the Disney parks too. Let’s look at the best thrill rides in each of the 4 Disney parks.

Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest

Like all Disney rides, Expedition Everest has a backstory, but the real excitement here comes from the in-the-dark reverse ride. The coaster starts off by slowly taking guests up a large hill, and the excitement only ramps up from there as they’re sent through twist and turn after twist and turn. It all culminates with a break in the tracks that sends them screaming backwards.

expedition everest disney animal kingdom

Epcot: Mission: Space – Orange Level

Mission: Space had such an effect on guests that Disney actually created an alternative version that’s less intense. While you won’t see lots of dips and drops, this ride features g-force rotations that have left guests feeling sick for an entire day. For those who want maximum thrills though, this is the best choice in Epcot.

Mission Space Epcot Orlando

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

If your teen likes rock ‘n’ roll, then this roller coaster is a double whammy. With several loops and numerous corkscrews, this is the only Disney roller coaster that goes upside down. It all happens in the dark with bright neon signs to light the way, and with hard rock Aerosmith tunes blasting the entire time.

Rock-n-roller coaster orlando

Magic Kingdom: Space Mountain

There are several roller coasters in the Magic Kingdom, and while Space Mountain is neither the highest nor the fastest, it does get the top votes for the most thrilling. Most of the thrill factor comes from the pitch blackness, where you zoom around in a rocket with stars coming at you from all directions. While there may be reasonable disagreement that it’s the most exciting, most couldn’t argue that it’s one of the most unique thrill rides you’ll find anywhere.

space mountain disney world

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