No matter how excited you are for your trip with your teens, you’re also looking for ways to maximize the fun while minimizing the cost. The great news is that we’ve come up with 6 excellent tips that help you save cash without skimping on the things that are really important to your family.

orlandovacation_disney-world-planning1.         Plan as early as you can

You’re likely to get the best prices on airfare, accommodations, and more the earlier you plan your trip. Does this mean you have to plan years in advance? No, it doesn’t – but it does mean that it can pay off to book your plane ticket as soon as you know you’re going instead of waiting for lower prices to come. In today’s economy, those lower prices are likely not just around the corner.

2.         Be clear about your budget

Your teens are likely to get to the parks and want you to buy them every other t-shirt they see. Be clear before you leave for vacation that they have a specific budget for souvenirs. They can spend it on whatever they’d like, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

3.         Stay away from holidays

If it’s possible for you to travel during less popular times of year, you’ll save big on rooms, tickets, and more! Even if you must travel during a traditional winter or summer break, try to do so at the beginning or end of their break. The price difference can be incredible.


4.         Bring snacks

Food will be one of your largest expenses on your trip. Bring your teen’s favorite snacks, pack a few sandwiches, or stay in an Orlando vacation home with a full kitchen and make your own meals. There are many restaurants worth splurging on, but there’s no reason to spend $50 a day on generic cheeseburgers.

5.         Stick to Disney or Universal

When you purchase discounted theme park tickets, the more days you buy, the cheaper it gets per day. For example, a 6-day ticket costs just $10 more than a 5-day ticket, while a single day ticket will run you more than $100. As a result, you’ll get the best value if you buy multiple days to one park, compared to just a few days each at both Disney and Universal.

orlandovacation_vacation-rentals6.         Consider a vacation home

You may think that staying at an Orlando area resort would be way cheaper than renting an entire Orlando vacation home. However, the reality is that these homes can start at just $99 and have numerous money-saving amenities. For example, imagine having access to a chef’s kitchen where you can prepare many of your meals, or the included washers and dryers that let you bring fewer bags and avoid checked bag fees. Most vacation homes also include fun-filled amenities too, like private pools and Jacuzzis. These extras can give you the opportunity to take a day off from the parks to simply relax – while saving money at the same time.

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