Planning a trip for a large group has many challenges, including finding the best deals. The good news is that we’ve found a few ways your entire group can save big. Check out these four money saving tips for your next group travel vacation.

1.         Be flexible with travel dates

If you’re traveling to Disney World for a specific reason, for example to perform in a marching band competition, then you likely won’t have any flexibility with dates. However, if you do have flexibility, take advantage of it! You’d be surprised by how much more affordable it can be from week to week, and how much cheaper airfares can be if you travel on a Tuesday through Thursday instead of the weekend.

2.         Pick accommodations first

For large groups, accommodations can easily be the most expensive aspect of a trip. You have numerous options in the Orlando area. Resort hotels often offer group travel discounts and allow you to book a section of rooms so everyone is together. This can be more affordable than if you simply call and book the rooms without asking for the discount – so always ask!


The other option is to rent an Orlando vacation home. With up to 7 bedrooms, these luxury homes have private pools, full kitchens, washers and dryers, and more. Plus they can be much more affordable than renting a block of hotel rooms. As an added bonus, these are great choices for groups with chaperones. The separate living and sleeping areas mean everyone gets plenty of privacy, but the kids you’re responsible for will never be out of your control.

3.         Keep the cost of food down

Second to accommodations, food is typically one of the most expensive aspects of planning a group trip. If you rent a vacation home you can prepare breakfast in the home before you head to the parks, plus pack lunches for everyone. You can then splurge nightly on a good dinner and stay well within your budget. Other options including splitting meals, grazing on snacks throughout the day, and searching out the most affordable restaurants just outside the Disney World gates.

4.         Stick with a single theme park

Many who visit Orlando want to take it all in: they want to visit Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, and more! While it can be tempting to try and do as much as possible, keep in mind that tickets to these parks get more affordable the longer your ticket is. For example, a 6-day ticket to Disney World is only $20 more than a 4-day ticket to Disney World. Stick with a single theme park is the best way to get the best value.


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