Add Even More Fun To Your Disney Trip

There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing kids’ faces light up when they enter the gates of a Disney park. Imagine being able to secretly plan an amazing trip for your kids and then surprising them with it. Just wait until you see their reaction to learning they are going to be spending time with their favorite mouse. Not only will they think you’re the coolest parent ever, but you’re going to remember that look on their faces forever. Here are five of the best ways parents have surprised their little ones to give you inspiration.

Disney Orlando Gates

Get in the car to drive to a secret destination
This is one of the simplest ways to reveal your Disney vacations to the kids. Tell them you’re going on a trip and pack up the car. This works best if you don’t live too far from Disney or your kids love a road trip. Keep them busy until you arrive and they can see the sign. Be prepared for a lot of squeals of delight at this point. It might be fun to break out your video camera.

Pack a special suitcase
Spend some time accumulating a few Disney-related items your child will enjoy. A t-shirt, coloring book and a stuffed animal are good examples. Pack them in a new suitcase or character backpack with a note telling them that they can take these items with them on their trip to Disney. They will be so excited and always remember their amazing trip when they see those things.

Send them an invitation from Mickey
Do your wee ones love Mickey Mouse, or other Disney characters? Get creative and put together a personalized invitation from those characters asking your kids to join them at Disney. Not only will they be ecstatic about their upcoming trip, but the magic will have started before you leave. They won’t believe that they really received an invite from their favorite cartoon character.

Here is a great invitation sample from!

Here is a great invitation sample from!

Design a puzzle with a message
Puzzles are fun and they are easy to create at home or using online services. Include a message for your kids to read when the puzzle is completed letting them know that you are going on a trip to Disney. This is fun for everyone, because you get to design the puzzle and they use their logic and reading skills putting it together and learning what it means.

Put together a scavenger hunt
Not only is this a common way to gift kids a surprise trip, but it keeps the excitement going for a long time. You can just use clues or you can add items along the way with the clues, like a disposable camera, an autograph book and sunscreen. At the end of the search you can have them find their suitcase with their invitation to the parks or their plane tickets. No matter how you expose the secret, they are sure to be overjoyed.

There are so many ways surprise your kids with a magical trip to Disney. It helps if you don’t tell them too early, so they don’t ask you forty times a day when you’re leaving. It’ll be hard to keep it from them, but the reaction is sure to make it all worth it. When parents have shocked their kids with a Disney trip, they have said that years later that they still talk about it being the best vacation they ever had.

Here is a video of our favorite reaction to a surprise Disney Vacation:

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