With daily highs in the triple digits, summer in Orlando varies between hot and unbearably hot. If you are not used to the intense heat and humidity, you’ll spend a lot of your time sweltering in the heat. Take some clues from a frequent visitor and use these tips to stay as cool as you can on your summer Orlando vacation.

Cool off on Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy the Walt Disney Company

  • Avoid spending the hottest part of the day in the theme parks. The hottest part of the day is usually from noon to about 4pm. Try to avoid wandering around outside in any of the Orlando theme parks this time of day – just going from ride to ride will leave you hot and tired. Instead, head back to your resort or rental home pool and cool off, and you’ll be able to return to the parks when things cool down around dinnertime.
  • Don’t forget the very young and very old members of your party. Infants and kids under 3 will overheat quickly and will need more nursing, bottles or water than usual. The elderly members of your travel party will be more prone to exhaustion, so plan on early morning outings and avoid the hot, busy part of the day entirely.
  • See animals in the morning. Animals in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Busch Gardens and elsewhere know enough to avoid the head. If you ride Kilimanjaro Safaris mid-day in the summer, you won’t see many animals up and about; they’ll all be hiding from the sun – and you – in the shade. The marine life at SeaWorld is an obvious exception –the whales and dolphins here are likely more comfortable than you are on a hot day!