Even if you took your kids to Disney World when they were young, you’ll find a lot has changed in the parks. If it’s your first trip, then you’ll have an even larger learning curve, but no matter where you’re coming from, you can have a great time with the grandkids at Disney World. Take a look at these 3 tips that will help ensure everyone has the time of their life.


1.         Watch videos before you go

It can be difficult to read descriptions of rides and know which ones will be OK for you to ride, and which will be OK for the kids. Many rides have height restrictions so you’ll know immediately if they’re not OK for younger kids, but some may technically be OK for your grandchild but not actually work out that well.

Some rides have pitch black periods, which can be scary for the little ones, and others have a lot of jerking and pitching that can be difficult for seniors. The best way to get a real understanding of which rides will work for everyone in the party is to watch YouTube videos that show you exactly what the rides involve. These videos take you in a bird’s eye view of the ride from start to finish.

2.         Get there early and leave early – then go back

Ideally you’ll go when school’s in session so you can beat the crowds, but if your grandkids are enrolled in school this won’t be a possibility. The good news is that you can still avoid the worst of the crowds by getting to the parks as soon as they open. Stay for a few hours and when the crowds start to get heavy, head back to your vacation home or hotel and take a leisurely swim in the pool. Then return around sunset and you’ll see much shorter lines than you would have found if you’d stayed through the heat of the day.


3.         Map your route before you go

No matter how you plan it, there’s a lot of walking involved in a trip to Disney World. However, if you plan your route ahead of time you can avoid doubling back and can keep walking to a minimum. As a general rule of thumb, Magic Kingdom takes 2 days to fully experience, while the other 3 parks can typically be done in a single day.

If you follow this plan, decide on half of the Magic Kingdom to discover each day you visit and make a plan that involves the least amount of walking. For the other parks, print out a map of each of them, circle the rides you want to go on, and then make a plan to keep walking to a minimum.

These 3 tips will help you make the most of your trip, but remember the same rules apply to this trip as to any other trip you’d take: stay hydrated, keep the kids well-fed, and remember that you’re there to have fun!

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