Disney World for Theater-Crazy Teenagers

July 30th, 2014

Is your teen a certified “drama-nerd”? If so, you may be surprised by the number of theatrical attractions, dinner shows, and comedy acts they can see when they visit the Walt Disney World Parks. We’ve listed a few of our favorite, or you can check out a full list over at Disney For Teens.

For musical fans

You’ll find several Broadway-style musical shows throughout the parks, including Finding Nemo at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is a big-budget show that features professional actors, a musical score created by Tony Award winning composers, and incredible puppetry. Animal Kingdom is also home to the Festival of the Lion King, with favorite songs from the movie, plus a few new ones, alongside elaborate costumes and aerial performers.


At Hollywood Studios you can stop by for Beauty and the Beast Live, a musical performed in a relaxing open air theater. This is a 25 minute long show that follows the storyline of the popular movie. There’s also a Little Mermaid show, which features clips from the movies alongside some live performances.

Street performers

Keep your eyes peeled for the many street performers throughout the parks. In Epcot you’ll find the World Showcase Players that preform a comedy act in the UK pavilion, or stop by to see the French Waiters climb a huge tower of stacked chairs. Italy is home to an interactive juggler named Sergio, plus the Ziti Sisters and their musical comedy skits.

At Hollywood Studios you’ll see a wide range of what are known as the Citizens of Hollywood. Dressed in period costumes from the ‘30s and ‘40s, they roam the streets and try to get guests involved in their crazy antics.

Delicious dinner shows

There are a few dinner shows on property, too. The most popular is the Hoop De Doo Revue, which is a western-themed show with a collection of hilarious musical skits. For a more low-key evening, head to the ‘50s Prime Time restaurant, where the wait staff are actors portraying moms and pops from yesteryear. You can also step inside the Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater to watch a series of classic Sci-Fi movie clips while you munch on a burger and fries.


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Preparing Your Kids for Disney World: Summer 2014 Refurbishment Schedule

July 29th, 2014

Disney World is open 365 days a year, which means when an attraction needs attention, they don’t have a down season during which to repair it. As a result, there are refurbishments going on throughout the year. Summer is a great time to visit to avoid the major ones, but there are a few going on this summer. The good news is that there are still hundreds of attractions, shows, and other fun stuff to ensure you have a great time, but it’s important to prepare the little ones for ride closures.

orlandovacation_astro-orbiter-ride2014 Summer Refurbishments in the Magic Kingdom

There are 3 summer refurbishments happening in the Magic Kingdom. Astro Orbiter will be closed from June 2, 2014 to September 9, 2014, Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover also closed on June 2nd and is expected to reopen on August 4th, and Liberty Square Riverboat will have a short refurbishment from August 4th to August 8th.

2014 Summer Refurbishments in Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Great news – there are no currently schedule refurbishments in Epcot or Hollywood Studios for summer 2014.

2014 Summer Refurbishments in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The show It’s Tough to Be a Bug is currently closed through August 11th. This is a relatively short refurbishment, but the closing of this kid-favorite show may be a disappointment to kids who aren’t prepared for it.


Do these refurbishments mean you should skip your visit to Disney World? Of course not! There’s no time of the year you could visit where 100% of the attractions and shows would be open. The key is to know what to expect so you don’t end up with disappointed little ones.

Planning Your First Visit to Universal Studios

July 28th, 2014

There are a lot of things to consider as you plan your very first trip to Orlando’s Universal Studios. We recently ran across a great article by Robert Niles that breaks down everything you need to plan your day. Read his article or review our highlights below.

Before You Go

First up, find your accommodations. You can rent a vacation rental home for as little as $99 per night, or you can stay at a local resort. Universal offers perks to guests who stay at one of their three hotels, but these hotels start at $250+ so it’s often worth it to stay more affordably and pay for the perks you’ll actually use.


Next you’ll buy your park tickets. You can buy them the day of your visit, but if you take the time to purchase them beforehand, you’ll enjoy a considerable savings on discount theme park tickets. You’ll need to decide if you want to visit both parks, and how many days you want to visit in total. For adults without kids who travel at a fast pace, both parks can actually be done in a single day. For families who want to take it in, you may want 4 or more days. It’s up to you.

The Day of Your Visit

If you arrive at the parks before 6PM you’ll pay $16 to park, or just $5 if you come after 6PM. There is one parking garage for both Islands of Adventure and the sister park, Universal Studios Florida. You’ll walk from there to the parks via moving sidewalks. If you’re heading to Islands of Adventure, bear left. If you’re heading to the Studios, bear right.

When traveling during busier seasons, try to get to the park about an hour before it opens so you have plenty of time to park, get to the gate, and be one of the first in line. Another way to minimize waiting time is to go through single-rider lines. These lines allow you to skip the queue, but you won’t be sitting with others you’re traveling with. The 6 rides that offer these lines are:


  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
  • Doctor Doom’s Fearfall
  • Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  • Incredible Hulk Coaster
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure

These simple tips cover the basics of planning for your first trip to Universal Studios Orlando.

Understanding Orlando Discounts: When to Be Skeptical

July 27th, 2014

As you begin planning your Orlando vacation you’ll run into plenty of offers that claim to be amazing deals you won’t find anywhere else. While there are tons of ways to save on accommodations, park tickets, attractions, and more, there are also companies out there who claim to give you a great savings but really don’t. Let’s take a look at a few warning signs to look out for so you can be sure to get the best possible deal.

Check Discounts Thoroughly

The most important step is to check discounts thoroughly. For example, you’ll find discount tickets offered but in some cases they won’t be a discount at all. You may find booths near the parks that offer tickets that end up not being valid. The right choice is to go through a well-respected and reputable company who is clear about the price of their discount theme park tickets.

orlando vacation theme park tickets

Consider the Drawbacks

If a deal seems too good to be true it probably is. You’ll find hotels that claim to be “within minutes” of the parks for less than $30 a night. While this may seem like a great deal, remember that “within minutes” can mean literally any number of minutes – it could be an hour away! Choose accommodations that give you specifics. For example, these vacation homes are within 15 minutes of the parks and start at just $99 a night. If they’re any further than that, you’ll find that the cost savings is likely not worth the hours you may spend commuting back and forth.


Don’t Be Fooled By Disney

Disney works hard to promote their all-inclusive packages – many of which include all your meals. While it may seem convenient to pay just one price for everything, don’t be fooled into thinking these are discounted packages. They are simply another way for them to keep you on their property as long as possible, and there are always considerably less expensive ways to tour Disney World than staying at Disney’s hotels.

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Anniversaries in Epcot: 2 New Ideas for Summer Anniversaries

July 26th, 2014

Epcot is a great choice for an adults-only anniversary evening, and this summer there are two new ideas that may just strike your fancy: the IllumiNation Sparkling Dessert Party and the Epcot After Hours Wind Down.

IllumiNations Sparkling Dessert Party

There are several aspects of this unique dessert party that make it romantic. It all starts shortly before the nightly IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth firework, laser light, and music extravaganza. Just as the evening light is fading Epcot’s World Showcase is starting to take on its relaxed, romantic air, you’ll be treated to a dessert party like no other.


One of the main benefits of this party is being able to see the fireworks show from an exceptional vantage point – without having to stake out a seat hours in advance. You’ll also get to taste delicious desserts, plus coffee, tea, and sparkling wine. The cost of the party varies based on the night you choose, but it always includes unlimited desserts, which are replenished throughout the night, and all you can drink beverages.

Epcot After Hours Wind Down

There are 4 options for the Epcot After Hours Wind Down: Spice Road Table in the Morocco pavilion, La Cava de Tequila in Mexico, Rose & Crown Pub in the UK, and Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Italy. No matter which spot you choose, you’ll get a flight of adult beverages, plus many tasty snacks to sample on.


While the food and drink selection is one part of the appeal, the main draw of this exclusive experience is that you get to stay in the park after closing. After the fireworks are complete, head to the spot you’ve chosen and wind down with the drinks and food of your choice. It’s the perfect way to have a night cap when you’re celebrating your anniversary in the happiest place on earth.

Here is a list of all the attractions at EPCOT.

Kickoff the Weekend

July 25th, 2014


An Orlando Packing List for an Autistic Child’s Trip to Disney

July 20th, 2014

Disney World works hard to make their theme parks as accessible to everyone as possible, and that includes the autistic population. However, there are still things that you, as the parent, must take into consideration. Autism at the Parks posted an excellent packing list that shows you what to bring to the parks when traveling with a person with autism. If you don’t want to read it in its entirety, check out our highlights below.

    • orlandovacation_hand-wipesCool cloths. If you’re traveling in warmer months, take a damp cloth and wrap it around a frozen ice pack. It can do wonders to keep your cool and comfortable on hot days.
    • Hand towels. You may get splashed on rides, or you may get rained on. Hand towels help everyone dry off and stay calm.
    • Wipes and sanitizer. The last thing you want is a bug going around the family while you’re at Disney. Wipe down your hands before you eat and keep the germs at bay.
    • Sunscreen. It’s not an accident that Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Even if it’s cloudy or cold, sunscreen is always a must.
    • Fidgets. Stress balls, squishy balls, or other objects that a child can fidget with are great diversions when over stimulation kicks in.
    • Toys and games. If your kid has a game or toy that calms them down, don’t be shy about bringing it into the parks.
    • Bottled water. Put bottles of water in your freeze before you leave for the parks and they’ll slowly melt and stay cool throughout the day.
    • Snacks. Granola bars, nuts, and other small snacks can be brought into the parks and ensure there’s something there your kids will eat.


  • Earplugs. Some attractions can be loud and others can be REALLY loud. Earplugs can help keep the scary sounds out and keep your kids calm.
  • Flashcards. If your child is non-verbal, don’t forget to bring their flashcards or any media they need to communicate. Remember that it’s normal for your child to be overwhelmed by the many people, sounds, smells, and voices around them. It’s not uncommon for kids to take a step back and regress while they’re at the parks.

Disney World is definitely doable for special needs kids, and it can be an incredible experience for everyone involved. This simple packing list can go a long way toward keeping them comfortable while you’re in the parks.

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Taking a Break from the Parts: The Top 5 Mini Golf Courses

July 19th, 2014

Most families head to Orlando to visit one or more of the many theme parks, but there are actually tons of other things to do in Orlando. Whether you want to keep expenses down and need a more affordable break from the parks, or you simply want a more low key afternoon, mini golf is a great choice – especially for teens. Consider these top 5 mini golf courses in Orlando.

orlandovacation_congo-river-golf1.         Congo River

There are actually a few Congo River courses in the area, including one on International Drive that’s near Wet ‘n’ Wild. These courses are unique in many ways, including the fact that you can actually feed live alligators! Some families choose this instead of Gatorland.

2.         Winter Summerland

Located near the Blizzard Beach Water Park in Disney World, Winter Summerland truly takes the concept of cute to another level. There is a winter course that ties in with the snow-covered storyline of Blizzard Beach, and a summer course with a more tropical theme.

3.         Pirate’s Cove

Though it is a chain based mini golf course with many similar courses throughout the country, Pirate’s Cove is a great choice for pirate-crazy teenagers. You can choose from an easier Captain’s Course or the Blackbeard’s course for a real challenge.

4.         Fantasia’s Gardens

This spot is located near Hollywood Studios and has 2 courses – though they are both very different from one another. First up is the Gardens course, which draws its inspiration from the movie Fantasia. The Fairways course is modeled after a legitimate 18-hole course and many claim it’s the most challenging mini golf course they’ve ever played.

5.         Hollywood Drive-In

The newest option in the area, the Hollywood Drive-In mini golf course is located near Universal’s City Walk and includes 2 courses. The first is themed after old horror films, while the other is themed after ‘50s SciFi films. They’re both full of gags, pop culture references, and a unique soundtrack.


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Flying with the Grandkids: 10 Tips to Make your Trip a Success Story

July 18th, 2014

Whether it’s your grandchild’s first or fiftieth flight, flying to Disney World with the grandparents is sure to be an exciting time – as long as you’re prepared. Check out these simple tips to help you make the most of your flight.

    1. orlandovacation_toddler-airplaneCarry-on vs checked bags. Spring for the extra cash and check an extra bag. Not only will you be suitcase free as you go through security and the airport, but you’ll be able to bring a stroller on the plane.
    2. Spring for the extra plane ticket. Kids younger than 2 don’t technically need their own seat, but the last thing you want is your grandchild restless on your lap for hours. Paying the extra money makes everyone more comfortable.
    3. Consider their outfits. Slip on shoes make security a breeze, and layers – even when it’s hot – allows you to keep them comfortable whether the plane is hot or cold.
    4. Prepare for ear issues. Bottles and pacifiers are great for helping with the clogged ears, as are gum and large lollipops for older children.
    5. Food is essential. Is there a better way to distract an upset kid than with food? Bring along trail mix, grapes, baby carrots, colorful crackers, and other plane-friendly foods.
    6. Don’t forget the potty. If your grandkids are potty trained, then be sure to take them to the bathroom right before you take off and right before you land.
    7. orlandovacation_airplane-movie

    8. Get creative with books. Books are a must have, but consider bringing along a photo album that lets them stay in touch with their family back home.
    9. DVDs can save you. Flying with young kids is easier than ever before, thanks to portable DVD players and headsets.
    10. Great creative! Did you know you can make a tent on a plane? Just put your tray table down and drape a blanket over it. Glow in the dark toys are great for night flights. Think about your grandkids and come up with some creative flight ideas.
    11. Surprise them. If your grandkids get really fussy, have a surprise waiting for them. It could be a new toy, a special snack, or an autograph book their favorite Disney characters can sign.
    12. One extra- If you are staying in a vacation home near Disney World. We can have your strollers delivered to you house so you do not have to bring to them Orlando

    Even the most challenging flight is well worth it when you step out of the gates and into the wonder that are the Orlando theme parks.

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Action, it’s Friday!

July 18th, 2014