Don’t buy into the hype that a trip to Disney World has to cost thousands of dollars. There are actually a few little tips that can have a big impact on your cost. Take a look at our top 4 tips and get started planning your affordable, magical trip.

1.         Save hundreds on accommodations

Next to plane tickets, your accommodations are likely to be your biggest expense. Too often visitors to Orlando assume that staying on Disney property is the way to go. You’ll find blog posts out there that detail the ways you can actually save money by paying more at Disney resorts. The truth is that you’re going to save hundreds, possibly thousands if you stay at an off-site resort or Orlando vacation home.


Not only is the bottom line cost less, but when you rent a vacation home you can also prepare many of your own meals – which can save you even more! The key to making sure that saving money on your accommodations is worth it is to make sure you’re staying within 15 minutes of the parks. This assures you get the proximity you need – without the crazy cost!

orlandovacation_character-meet2.         Slash your food budget

There’s no question that the restaurants in Disney World are expensive but you don’t have to spend hundreds a day just to feed your family. Consider bringing in your own sandwiches and lunches or making a meal out of affordable snacks. If you’re only visiting restaurants to meet with characters, just changing your touring plan to include meet and greets with must-meet characters.

3.         Bring your own gifts from home

Your kids are going to want souvenirs – there’s no way around it. Instead of paying two or three times retail in the parks, bring gifts from home. Give your kids one gift per night, or one at the end of the trip. They don’t even need to know you didn’t get them in the parks!

4.         Get discount park tickets

Did you know that you don’t have to pay full price for your theme park tickets? There are discount tickets available and if you choose wisely you could save a pretty penny. For example, the difference in cost between a 4 day and a 5 day ticket is just $10 per ticket. As a result, the most cost effective way to visit Disney World is to come for at least 5 days. You should also seriously rethink the park hoppers. They can add hundreds to the cost of your tickets and most people who get them don’t end up taking advantage of them. Remember that you can always add on this option once you’re at the park.