The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is a place where precious memories are made. From your family’s first view of Cinderella Castle to the kids’ first roller coaster ride on the Barnstormer to that memorable moment of meeting Mickey Mouse, you’ll find innumerable photo opportunities.

Here are ten of the best family photo spots in the Magic Kingdom:

1) At the Magic Kingdom entrance with the train station in the background. Once you enter the turnstiles, you still have to go under the train tracks to get to Main Street USA. Pause before you do that and grab a family photo in the beautifully landscaped area in front of the train station.

2) On Main Street USA with Cinderella Caste in the background. This is the iconic Magic Kingdom shot. Some families have pictures taken in front of the castle of multiple generations. Make it your tradition, too, and you can see how your family grows and changes over the years.

3) In front of the Partners statute at the end of Main Street USA. Walt Disney is famous for saying, “I hope we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.” The Partners statue immortalizes Mickey and Walt together, and it’s a very popular photo stop. There’s something touching about including Walt in a family photo when you visit his “Florida Project.”

4) In a Main Street vehicles. Various vehicles run up and down Main Street USA, transporting guest in antique cars, a fire engine, or a horse-drawn trolley. Your family will have great fun posing for a photo to commemorate their ride in one of these unique vehicles. If you choose the trolley, ask the driver if you can take a picture with the draft horse that pulls it.

5) If you’ve even see “The Sword in the Stone,” you know that the young boy Wart turned out to be King Arthur. He proved his royal worth by pulling the titular sword out of its stone base. There’s a duplicate near the carousel in Fantasyland that makes a great photo op. Let the kids flex their muscles for the camera. Who knows, you might discover that you have royalty in the family.

6) In front of the carriage by the Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion itself is a great family photo spot, especially when it’s lit up at night, but don’t overlook the carriage that sits out in frontt. You’ll see it when you enter the queue line. Stop by after your ride to get a shot.

7) The Beast’s castle is the obvious New Fantasyland photo spot, but don’t overlook Gaston’s statue and fountain, which sits in front of his tavern. You might even meet him personally, and he’ll happily join in your photo. Inside the tavern, snap pictures near fireplace with a backdrop of antler decor.

8) In the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. The treehouse is a great way to let the kids burn off energy by climbing its 116 stairs. It’s also full of fun photo stops in front of the Robinsons’ various inventions and creatively decorated rooms.

9) On Tom Sawyer Island. This often-overlooked Magic Kingdom attraction is reached by raft, and it has lots of fun play areas that double as family photo spots. Two of the most popular are at the fort and in and around the caves, which are open for spooky exploration.

10) With the Disney characters throughout the park. Meeting Mickey Mouse and his friends is a mjor part of the fun at Walt Disney World. Some characters have their own indoor greeting spots, like Ariel’s Grotto or the Town Square Theater, where Mickey can be found throughout the day. Others pop up at various locations, often near appropriate attractions. For example, Buzz Lightyear is often in Tomorrowland near his Space Ranger Spin, while Alice and the Mad Hatter are often out near the Mad Teacup Ride. Party. Pick up a show schedule or ask a Cast Member about greeting times and spots.