Orlando is one of the most visited travel destinations in the United States, and as a result there are thousands of flights in and out every day. Finding the best deals to buy your Orlando plane tickets can seem like a challenge, but these tips will help you ensure you don’t overpay for your flights.

orlandovacation_budget-flying-tipsDon’t buy tickets on holidays

Airlines know that many people buy their tickets during holidays. This may be because they’re missing their families and decide to make an impulse buy, or it may simply be because they have more free time on holidays. No matter why people are likely to buy plane tickets, one thing you can trust: the airlines know there will be an influx and they temporarily raise their prices as a result.

Look early and often

If you’ve never bought a plane ticket to Orlando and don’t know what it will cost, your best bet is to start looking early. See how much a ticket will cost 6 months out, then check the prices for two weeks from now. Check the prices for a month from now. And so on, until you get an idea of when the “sweet spot” may be for you. Play around with dates to see when the most affordable tickets are offered and try to buy yours within that window.

Don’t pay too much attention to specific advice

You may wonder why the information above is vaguer than you’ll find on other sites. After all, you’ll find sites that will claim a certain number of weeks ahead is the golden time, or that buying tickets on Tuesdays is the right time. The reality is that many, many highly respected journalists have studied the best times / ways to buy airplane tickets and have come to only one conclusion: every location is different and advice that works for you may not work with someone in the next state. That’s why we offer you this general information – it gives you the tools to find out what works for you!


Consider other airports

Did you know there are actually two airports in the Orlando area? Orlando International Airport, also known as MCO, and Orlando Sanford International Airport, also known as SFB. MCO is a larger airport but SFB often has direct flights and they can be quite affordable. It’ll only add about 20 minutes to your trip from the airport to Disney and could save you a sizeable chunk of change. You can also consider airports in your area that are perhaps a little out of the way, but considerably more affordable.