You won’t regret taking your kids to Disney World, but as a single parent you’ll have unique challenges that you must prepare for. We ran across this fantastic article on Flying Solo – Traveling Alone with Kids to Disney and we thought you’d love the info there. You can also read the highlights below.

orlandovacation_family-discussionBe open and honest with your kids before you leave

Sometimes when it feels like our kids aren’t being helpful it’s not because they’re not willing to, it’s simply because it hasn’t occurred to them to help in the ways we need them to. Instead of assuming or hoping they’ll help in the ways you need them to, sit down before the trip and be honest with them. Tell them that it’s harder to go on vacation with just one parent and you’re going to need their help. Tell them about the rules that are non-negotiable, and what you expect from them.

Clarify non-negotiable rules

The reality is that when you’re in Disney World you’re going to want to treat the kids. It’s just a fact! And there’s nothing wrong with this – assuming you don’t fold on the essential stuff. As you’re going over the rules with the kids, make sure they know the ones you won’t budge on. Tell them that you may allow them to stay up past their bedtime or have ice cream for breakfast this one time, but you are not willing to discuss letting them explore the parks on their own, for example.

orlandovacation_disney-world-staffDon’t be afraid to ask for help from others

The staff at your resort hotel and the Disney theme parks themselves are there to help! They deal with every possible scenario you can imagine and when you need answers quickly they’re the ones to ask. Don’t waste time trying to track down new flip flops for your kiddo that lost them – just ask! There are tons of resources available to you. Use them!

Identify your biggest challenges

The biggest challenges for your family may be different than the biggest challenges for another family. For example, perhaps you have one kiddo who goes to bed at 7 PM and the other is a night owl, or perhaps you have one kid that’s terrified of anything that goes high, while another is a dare devil but can’t handle rides that spin. There are solutions to virtually any problem that comes up, but the key is to identify what those challenges will be and have a clear plan before you leave.

Of course, the best advice we can give to single parents is to stay flexible! It’s a good idea to plan, and have backup plans too, but when you get to the parks try to relax, stay flexible, and enjoy your trip.