Whether you’re planning a school trip or a family reunion, traveling to Disney World with a large group has its unique challenges. Check out a few simple tips that can help ensure everyone has the most magical time possible.

disney-world-groupSometimes it Makes Sense to Split Up

One of the biggest mistakes large groups make is insisting on staying together for the entirety of the trip. While you do want to maximize togetherness, in the long run you’ll appreciate your time together more if no one is forced to wait on benches while some of your group rides attractions with higher height restrictions, or if older kids and adults don’t have to partake in some of the kid’s stuff.

Plan a few attractions together every day, and plan to have lunch or dinner together. This gives everyone a chance to split off into groups of people who have the same touring wants and needs, but lets you all come together to chat about your exciting days.

Pick a Coordinator

When you’re trying to get a dozen or more people on the same page, it’s helpful to have one coordinator who’s generally in charge of hotel reservations, park tickets, and other things you’ll need. This makes it simple to know who to go to with any questions, plus it prevents double booking dining reservations or accidentally buying things twice.

Of course this can be an overwhelming job, so depending on the size of your group it may make sense to have several coordinators. Just make sure everyone’s clear on who’s doing what. For example, pick one person to handle the hotel accommodations, one person to handle any dining reservations, another to choose which theme park to visit on which day, and so on.

Be Considerate of Other People’s Budgets


There are ways to save money on a trip to Disney World, like buying discounted theme part tickets, but overall there’s no question that it can be expensive to visit Disney World. Look for free or low-cost activities if some members of your party have smaller budgets than others. Take a day off to lounge by the pool, spend a day at Downtown Disney, catch a movie, or go on a group bowling trip.

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