When the people you love are getting married in Disney World you’ve got even more reason to be excited – you get to go too! However, it can make certain things tricky. Like: how do you find the perfect wedding gift that won’t take up your entire suitcase? We’ve got the details that will help you plan accordingly.

orlandovacation_detination-wedding-giftRemember that you don’t want to tote it – and neither do they!

You’ve probably already considered that you don’t want to buy a huge blender that you’ll have to pack on the plane. But think about the newly married couple, too! They don’t want to have travel home with bags and bags full of gifts. In fact, even if you choose a smaller gift and assume it won’t take up much room, imagine how much room it would take up if everyone invited did the same – or even half! The best gift is one that takes up zero room in their bags.

Make sure to check their registry

Most people who have a destination wedding will have a registry that gives you all the information they need. A popular option are honeymoon registries, where instead of sending a gift you can purchase part of their honeymoon for them. Those with small budgets may buy a special experience for them like a couples massage, while parents and others who want to give a significant gift could pay for their flights.

If they have a more traditional registry, say at a department store, then the registry likely includes information on where the gifts can be sent. You can buy them well before the wedding and choose the date you want them sent. Make sure you don’t make assumptions! If the couple already lives together then it’s likely they’ll be sent to their home, but if they don’t then gifts could go to the bride or to a family member.

Consider gift cards

orlandovacation_house-cleaning-giftIf the couple isn’t registered anywhere, or you want to give your own type of gift, consider a gift card. It could be to a restaurant, their favorite store, or a local grocery store. Every new family needs groceries! You could also buy gift cards for several places and include instructions to have a date night on you. The possibilities are endless.

Give them the gift of a clean house

Time and time again, a gift that new couples routinely list as their favorite wedding gift is the gift of a cleaning service. Whether you want to do a one-time, deep clean for a home they’ve lived in for quite a while, or you want to give them monthly cleanings for six months or a year, this takes pressure off their new union and allows them to enjoy the comforts of a clean home.