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Visiting the Magic Kingdom With a Baby

The Baby Care Center

Perhaps the biggest help to those traveling with babies and toddlers is the Baby Care Center. There’s one in each of the four Walt Disney World parks, including the Magic Kingdom, where it’s located near the first aid station by the Crystal Palace restaurant at the end of Main Street USA. It’s legal to nurse your baby anywhere in Florida, but if you prefer a cool, quiet spot, the Baby Care Center has a special room with rocking chairs. Relax and feed your little one in this soothing environment. You also have access to a microwave and sink, and there’s a convenient feeding area with high chairs.

Baby Changing Tables

The Baby Care Center has changing tables for youngsters in diapers and a family restroom where you can take your toddler. If you forget important supplies like diapers, wipes, baby food, or formula, it’s for sale in the on-site shop, along with convenience items like sunscreen, juice, and over-the-counter medication.

Changing Tables in the Restrooms

If you’re on the go and need to make a quick change, but don’t want to head over to the Baby Care Center, almost all of the restrooms at the Magic Kingdom are equipped with changing tables. That goes for both ladies’ and men’s rooms, so Dad can share in the diapering responsibilities.

Rental Strollers

The Magic Kingdom, like the other Disney parks, has a huge fleet of rental strollers available to guests in one- and two-child sizes. The rental area is conveniently located by the train station at the park’s main entrance. A single stroller costs $15 dollars per day while renting a double will set you back $31 daily. There’s a discount if you do a length of stay rental, which costs $13 per day for a single or $27 per day for a double. If you do the multi-day rental, it’s good at all four theme parks. Simply show your rental ticket at the Magic Kingdom or whichever park you’re visiting that day to get your baby’s stroller. If you plan to rent a stroller at the Magic Kingdom, there’s always a possibility that the strollers will run out, especially if you arrive later in the day. However, this rarely happens except in the busiest seasons.

Off-Site Rental Strollers

You can’t leave the theme parks with a Disney rental stroller, so you might want to bring your own or rent from an off-site company. If you rent off-site, the firm brings your stroller right to your hotel or vacation home and picks it up at the end of your stay. This allows you to have an easy way to transport your baby, even when you’re not in the theme parks. Off-site companies are typically cheaper than renting at the Disney theme parks. You can also bring a stroller from home, but many families opt to buy a cheap folding stroller when they arrive in Orlando and use it as a disposable item. There are major stores like Target and Wal-Mart all around the Disney area where you can buy an inexpensive model. Some low-end umbrella strollers go for as little as $20, which isn’t much more than the one-day Magic Kingdom rental fee. Either leave the stroller behind or give it to another family when you leave Orlando.

Never leave valuables in stroller

People do occasionally steal strollers, whether you’re using a rental or your own. Never leave anything valuable in the stroller while you’re in a ride or show. Casual thieves who just want it for their own child are often deterred if you take a diaper, pour a little cola onto it, and leave it on the seat in a plastic bag. If someone steals your Disney rental stroller, bring your receipt to the rental counter for a replacement. Look around first because Cast Members sometimes move strollers around to make more room.